Anadrol: The Benefits And The Risks

Bodybuilders take Anarol 50 when they want to make gains fast. Anadrol steroids, also known as oxymetholone, work by causing more erythroprotein to be produced, which increases red blood cells. Protein synthesis increases, too. This is one of the reasons why just one Anadrol steroid cycle can yield some serious results.

Before you even think about looking for Anadrol for sale, you need to consider the pros and cons. After that, you can decide whether or not you should buy Anadrol.

The Benefits

Anadrol improves strength. If you’re looking to bench more, curl more, shoulder press more or squat more, then it will definitely help you out. Within the first week or two, a user’s strength can skyrocket. This is in part because the steroid drastically improves protein synthesis.

Two more benefits of using Adrol, slang for Anadrol, is it increases red blood cells and improves the delivery to oxygen to your muscles. Both of those things contribute to massive pumps and more energy. When you hit the weights, your muscles will swell up thanks to the increase in red blood cells and enhanced oxygen delivery.

Fatigue is delayed with Adrol 50. This means you can workout for longer periods of time without feeling fatigued early on. You can give it your all without gassing out.

As mentioned above, the main benefits of this anabolic steroid are as followed:

. Increases strength
. Improves protein synthesis
. Increases red blood cells
. Improved oxygen delivery to your muscles
. Delays fatigue


With all of the benefits Anadrol 50 offers, you are probably wondering why you wouldn’t want to use it, but the truth is there are no amount of benefits that make it worth taking. The side effects associated with it can be horrible, and should be taken into careful consideration before you use it.

For starters, it can wreck havoc on your liver. It raises the levels of enzymes in your liver and the levels can reach dangerous heights. Basically, when you use this steroid, you will be abusing your liver and could be at risk of causing some serious and permanent damage to it.

It raises estrogen levels. You’re at risk of developing breasts because of this side effect. The official name of this condition is gynecomastia, which is very hard to reverse. Also, Anadrol 50 causes your body to retain water, which can raise blood pressure levels.

It can speed the process of male pattern process. In other words, using the steroid can lead to you going bald much sooner rather than later. If your goal is to look good, then this is one of the most devastating things that can happen when using the steroid. Plus, it can cause oily skin and severe acne, as well as insomnia.

Should You Buy Adrol 50

As tempting as it may be to buy Anadrol online or elsewhere, it’s not recommended. Adrol is harmful, as are all anabolic steroids are. Don’t buy Adrol pills because there are safer and legal alternatives you can take.

There are companies such as Crazy Bulk and Crazy Mass that sell legal alternatives to Adrol 50. Legal Anadrol tablets will provide you with results similar to what you’d achieve with real Anadrol pills. However, you won’t be putting your health at serious risk.