Does Deca Durabolin React With Other Drugs? Find Out Here

Deca Durabolin steroid is one of the widely used fitness supplements in the market. One commonly asked question about Deca is whether it really works. Moreover, what is the right dosage required to begin seeing the real effects of this steroid supplement?

Before Deca Durabolin for sale became a supplement for bodybuilders, it was a clinical drug used in treating various diseases. Deca Durabolin pills improved the severity of osteoporotic bone damage, treated cancerous growths in women, and improved the condition of anemic patients. With time, the clinical benefits of Deca gradually rolled over to the fitness world.

Who can use Deca

Deca is a mild androgenic steroid supplement whose side effects take a while to manifest. This is why it can be administered in large doses. A typical Dec dose is somewhere around 300mg to 600mg per week.

Deca can be used by both men and women weightlifters. It has the mildest androgenic and estrogenic properties. If you are starting out as a bodybuilder, this steroid supplement is ideal for your steroid cycle. Additionally, you can buy Deca Durabolin dosage to help maintain your current body mass or maintain a lean body weight.

Deca or Nandrolone can also be used in the absence of food or any fluids. The steroid supplement is mainly an injectable that goes straight into the bloodstream. No digestion or absorption is required like the orally administered steroid pills. However, it is advisable to take Deca with a steady diet plan. This is important for repairing weakened tissues in the recovery period of a steroid cycle.

Who cannot take Deca Durabolin steroids

As safe and mild as Deca Durabolin tablets are, they may trigger severe reactions in certain circumstances. It is not advisable to supplement with Nandrolone if you have a long history of sickness. Deca steroid will negatively react with pills used to treat diabetes, anemia or blood clots. It renders the doses of such drugs powerless whilst aggravating the patient’s symptoms.

Additionally, Deca injections should not be used if you are pregnant or diagnosed with cancer. As a rule of thumb, it is important to consult a doctor first if you suffer from kidney disorders, high blood pressure, liver disease, prostate issues, headaches and migraines, lung or kidney cancer, and epilepsy. Also, people undergoing heparin therapy or suffer from cancer that has spread to the bones also need to consult a doctor first.

Is Deca pills for you?

If your doctor gives a go ahead to buy Deca Durabolin online or in a physical store, there is one more decision to make–whether you are going to supplement with Deca oral pills or the injectable version. If you are okay with sticking needles into your skin, you will feel the effects of the steroid supplement faster. You can also have your regular doses in the absence of food; just make sure you eat after taking the steroid. The other option is Deca pills which are to be taken with food or a fluid. They are quick to administer but will take a slow time to get absorbed into the body.


Deca is one of the widely used steroid supplement with mild androgenic and estrogenic effects. However, it tends to react with certain prescribed drugs or aggravates a pre-existing medical condition. Thus consult a physician to give you the go ahead to supplement with Deca steroid.