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October 13, 2006

VICTORY: French Guiana Rainforest Gold Mine Successfully Blocked


Ecological Internet's Campaign Protest Given as Major Factor in Decision

By Ecological Internet, http://www.ecoearth.info/
October 13, 2006

(Madison, WI) - French Guiana's environmentalists are rejoicing as it became known yesterday that gold mining activities of Canadian multi-national Cambior in the heavily rainforested Kaw region in French Guiana have been blocked. In late September, Ecological Internet's Earth Action Network mobilized, upon the request of local and international conservationists working in the area, a last ditch effort to protect the area from certain ruin - inundating government officials with tens of thousands of protest emails.

"Yet again, Ecological Internet has demonstrated that an empowered global citizenry can demand an end to industrial development of all ancient forests. The world's last remaining large ancient forest wildlands are invaluable, and if lost will lead to local and global ecological collapse. Either conservationists are working to end primary and old-growth forest loss and diminishment, or they are part of the problem," explains Ecological Internet's President, Dr. Glen Barry.

Local groups inform Ecological Internet (EI) via the Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development and Innovation in the Netherlands that this victory was "to a large extent due to your (EI's) e-mail campaign" and "your support has been invaluable, thank you so much!" They conclude our protest was critical to achieving the victory because our protest coincided with delaying the decision by two weeks, and given that the ministers of the Environment and of Industry, who have blocked the rainforest mining activity, relied largely upon our grounds for doing so.

The Ministry of the Environment's website reports the following information dated October 11th (in French, http://www.ecologie.gouv.fr/article.php3?id_article=6468 ):

"The report of the inspection mission commissioned by Ms. Nelly Olin, minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development and Mr. François Loos, delegated minister of Industry was handed today to the ministers… The mission established that… there are shortcomings on two issues and therefore the project cannot be authorized in its present form; 1.) the impact on fauna and flora, 2.) the conditions of emission of effluents containing cyanide compounds into the natural environment… As a result of this, the enterprise CAMBIOR withdraws its present application for a mining license and will submit a new application, which will again be subject to public consultation."

The mining company indicates they intend to submit a new application by the end of the year. Ecological Internet with our partners will follow this closely. No intact, precious ancient rainforests are ever protected for long. But at least there is now more time to describe the potential negative impacts and to mobilize people in and outside French Guiana.

Ecological Internet specializes in the use of the Internet to espouse scientifically rigorous ecological sustainability solutions and to facilitate conservation outcomes. The efforts are almost entirely funded by small donations from network participants. This is the latest in a stunning string of conservation victories for which each network participant is responsible (see http://www.ecoearth.info/kudos/ ).


For more information and interview please contact:

Dr. Glen Barry
Ecological Internet, Inc.
P.O. Box 433
Denmark, WI 54208
+1 920 776 1075 phone

Ecological Internet's projects include:

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Dr. Barry,
I have been following your efforts on behalf of the Earth for over 15 years. In my opinion it is likely that you have done more on her behalf than anyone in history. Congratulations for another sterling and honest victory.

Congratulations Barry. Phil Butler

Hi Glen
This is just a short note from a new activist. When i signed the petition on the French Guiana issue, it was the first day i had had contact with your group. I signed and sent as you do, but quite sceptically. I am very happy to find our protest was effective! It's heartening to know our efforts are not futile.

I'll keep signing :)
All the best and more power to you!
Danielle Calenti (Malta)

Thankyou for doing all the hard work that let's me express my conscience with such immediate and gratifying effect.

Well done and please don't stop.


Dear Glen,
My sincere congratulations with this last result.
Apparently the influence of numbers of protests impress the decisiontakers.And so they back off.Yust like the voting in a democratic country works.
Ofcourse one hopes for the 'dawning' of the realisation of the intrinsic value of the matter at stake.
In other words when will we put quality over quantity?
Proficiat once more.

Oh we would love to have your help right here in Southern California! The
Toll Road agency wants to build right through an ecologically sensitive
state park in south Orange County - San Mateo and San Onofre...with runoff
into the ocean. It's also going to be 50 feet from an Indian burial ground.




Victory again

Good work Glen

Top Work my friend hope you are good. Gloc

Excellent news!
Many Thanks Glen for your tireless efforts and Congratulations again on another great victory.


Yes your achievments are excellent - or should I say the people have done it through you.
Seriously - global warming is not an issue -it is our survival or death - i believe all co2 production from coal and forest burning can be stopped inside 12 months - all that is needed is information that shows we are dead before 2011 from starvation - yes global warming will first kill off the food chains both on land & sea by blocking out sunlight and weather extremes - clouds will fill our skys once we get to the crtical point of heat - the ice caps will melt - thus changing our climate very quickly
All food stores have only one days supply in ready
Tasmania( Australia) has already had a 20% loss in their potato crop due to drought - muliply that across the food chain
many species have already died out - frogs went first for some reason - coral reefs are 50% abandond and are bleached
I may be wrong but the increasing solar flares combined with the lack of reflective ice at the poles will have a multiplying effect that sees us in deep shit by the end of 2008 - watch for extreme whether 2007
In Australia - our bushfire seadon has come 2 months earlier with record temperatures and drought
Blind freddy can see that this is a now event - the people of the world must demand our manipulated govenments be sacked if they continue to ignore the truth
Everyone I talk to is aware yet feel powerless to get the message across - why because they are all in fear of loss of jobs - no money - the government has not got the guts to stop coal mining - HOW DO WE GET ENOUGH PETITIONS TOGETHER to make this a public debate ASAP - need lots of help from all networks - can you help?

Dr. Barry,

Thank You very much.


Keep it going guys
Simon Malzer

Hi Glen,
congratulations! Since 6th of October we have contributed around 1310 e-mails
from our webside to the campaign. That´s less than usually but was may be a
little helpful.
Keep on with your work, we will support it whenever we can.
All the best
Werner Paczian
Spokesman Rainforest Rescue, Germany


YAY, Glen!

Great Stuff, Dr. Glen Barry.


"The mining company indicates they intend to submit a new
application by the end of the year. Ecological Internet with our
partners will follow this closely. No intact, precious ancient
rainforests are ever protected for long. But at least there is
now more time to describe the potential negative impacts and to
mobilize people in and outside French Guiana."

yes this is how all these "developers" work!
Thanks for all you do. I'm busy with all my community enhancing projects too!

Karin Lease

Great News, thanks.

One victory is a stepping stone for another one. Our endeavor must have to be ceaseless as the MOTHER EARTH demands it from her children.

Well Done!

Dear Dr. Barry,

Congratulations on another successful move to save nature on our planet !

Gerhard L. Mueller-Debus
Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Well done all!! Keep the fight alive.

Thank you for giving feedback and communicating the results of the action!
Kind regards,

Louise Fontein, Rotterdam, Holland

Thankyou for the great news Gary.I can't say that I'm proud of the Canadian goverment particularly of late, with them not taking a stand on a ban of trawling the ocean floors.It's becouse the Canadian goverment allows it of our fishermen even though its proven to have severe damaging effects.I am sending letters out to my goverment officals to let them know I don't agree with this and to stop the trawling .I don't know if you know about this or not but I thought I'd spread the word. Stay strong, Sandra Weatherby

peacebus.com and peacebus.net "Cyanide Watch" would like to envite you to become involved in stoping the Lake Cowal Gold mine.

Thank goodness. Buy products harvested from the rainforest, I use the acai berry. If we don't the acai palm will be cut down for the heart of the palm. Every little bit helps. We all must do our part.

Fantastic! The POWER of positive intent, firmly indicated, for the good, is victory, especially where the alternative is egotistic greed for gain, rather than a common regard for G*D's world, and His children, of which we all are. I was a Gold Miner in the 1950s, and a professor in the 1970s, and operate 501c Charity for saving the Ocean, from preventable death. MURDER of the forests is death to LIFE. GOLD is a toy, an electronic tool, a symbol. TREE is life. Keep up the good work.