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February 13, 2008

Analysis of a Rainforest/Climate Campaign Victory for Woodlark, Papua New Guinea

For now the endemic Woodlark cuscus is save from oil palmEcological Internet has very much appreciated the opportunity to participate in a recent string of rainforest and climate victories. Given our deep attachment to Papua New Guinea, perhaps none has been as satisfying as mobilizing international pressure that helped protect precious Woodlark Island from near total rainforest clearance for oil palm [search]. This madness is the epitome of ecological evil, and together local peoples and the world expressed outrage, and for now have cancelled the plans.

We have carried out similar campaigns for over fifteen years, with many, many victories. Mongabay -- the fantastic alternative rainforest media source -- has for the first time carried out a post-conservation analysis of how local and international Internet-based protest stopped Woodlark's rich biodiversity from becoming a toxic oil palm monoculture [ark]. It makes for a good read, demonstrating conservation campaign methods that could be widely replicated. Humanity's eco-future depends upon collaborative north-south protest of ecologically destructive activities wherever found.


great news about new guinea!


When I read about such things as the victory on Woodlark Island I feel truly proud to be part of this network and am so grateful to Dr. Barry for sending us in the right direction again.

Keep up the fight for bio-diversity, it is this planets only hope. Thank you all who are doing small things at home and work, these small things add up to huge changes, and you are not alone. Larry from OxygenPoopers.com

fantastic news, it is always good to hear about victories for the good in what seems to be a sea of bad, keep up the good work everyone