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May 6, 2009

ALERT! Malaysian Oil Palm Threatens Brazilian Amazon

By Rainforest Rescue with Ecological Internet

Malaysia's government owned and subsidized oil palm cooking oil and biofuel industry -- the scourge of Asia and the world's rainforests -- is continuing to expand, this time into the heart of the Brazilian Amazon

OrangutanTAKE ACTION HERE NOW: Malaysia‘s Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA) will soon break ground on a joint venture with a Brazilian firm to establish 30,000-100,000 hectares (ha; 75,000 – 250,000 acres) of oil palm plantations in the heart of Brazil's Amazon rainforest. Similar oil palm development continues to devastate Asia-Pacific's rainforests, and increasingly the world, with some thirty square miles of carbon and biodiversity rich habitat being cleared a day to provide cooking oil and transport biodiesel. Oil palm agrofuel is heralded as a climate change mitigation measure, yet the initial rainforest clearance leads to much more carbon release than its production and use avoids.

Large scale biofuel production runs counter to urgently addressing climate change and threatens to cause more deforestation, hunger, human rights abuses, and degradation of soil and water. Global ecological sustainability and local well-being depend critically upon ending all industrial development in the world's remaining old forests -- including plantations, logging, mining and dams. The amount of primary and old growth forests that have been lost has already overshot the carrying capacity of Earth. Globally there are not enough old forests to maintain climatic and hydrological cycles, meet local forest dwellers' needs, and to maintain ecosystems and the biosphere in total. Local peoples must be assisted to fully protect, restore and benefit from intact, standing forests.



Dear Glen,

Thanks for all your morally courageous and intellectually honest efforts, even though approaching threats to human wellbeing and environmental health loom ominously before us.

Imagine what would immediately occur of everyone followed your good example. In the face of such daunting global challenges as humanity faces in our time, it is so easy to curse the darkness and, by so doing, choose NOT to light candles, as you are doing. Keep lighting candles, Glen.



Again the conflict between what is environmentally ethical and the economic needs of developing countries.


Thanks for your clear voices.

More voices.......we need many more voices speaking out loudly and often. Time is being wasted by those with wealth and power who adamantly defend unsustainable status quo overconsumption, overproduction and overpopulation activities of the human species that are overwhelming and threatening to ravage the Earth in our time. Because these distinctly human activities could soon become patently unsustainable, necessary behavior change has to occur fast. If more members of the human family do not speak out to vigorously resist what the leaders of the human community are demanding all of us do now as we strive to ravenously overconsume Earth's resources; to relentlessly hoard wealth; and to overproduce unnecessary stuff, then the planetary home we are inhabiting and overpopulating could be made uninhabitable for our children and life as we know it by 2012.

One day our children will look back in anger and utter disbelief at many too many leaders and followers in my not-so-great generation who had the chance at least to try and mitigate the fully expected damages of pollution, climate change, environmental degradation, resource dissipation, biodiversity extinction and overpopulation but abjectly failed because we chose to play around the edges of the global challenges before us and refused to take demonstrably responsible action in the face of clear and present dangers. Sacrifices of 'sacred cows' and 'golden calves' often associated with being honest, earning wealth, exercising moral courage and making necessary changes were too damn hard for so soft, satisfied, sanctimonious and selfish a generation of leading elders, I suppose.

Who else wants to destroy Amazonia?!!!

Thank you Glenn for the tireless battle to save rainforest. An even huger issue for the critical Amazon forest looms with the coming climate warming. If global temperatures increase over 2.5 degrees C, 20 to 80 percent of the Amazon rainforest is expected to die off. This could happen without logging a single tree due to poor soils, high temperatures leading to carbon and nitrogen removal from soil to gases, and reduced rainfall from lack of evapotranspiration from less trees. A vicious feedback loop.
Many other forests will die off as well, thwarting decades of environmental preservation. The warming from burning coal, oil,deforestation, etc must be limited or these trees will die,logging or no logging. All our tree huggers need to know, sad as it may be.