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January 25, 2012

ALERT! Stop Peru's Road to Rainforest Ecocide and Genocide of Uncontacted Indigenous Tribes

By Ecological Internet's Rainforest Portal

Please end plans for road through Alto Purus and uncontacted indigenous rainforestlTAKE ACTION HERE NOW!

Plans are to build a highway through Alto Purus - Peru’s largest national park – comprised of vital intact Amazonian rainforest ecosystems and inhabited by at least two 'uncontacted' indigenous tribes [search]. The Alto Purus protected rainforest in south-east Peru is an area of incredible biodiversity covering some of the most pristine forests in the southwestern Amazon and home to jaguars, monkeys and pink dolphins. To cut it with a road would compromise the integrity of the entire Amazonion basin and trigger the swift demise of some of Earth’s last isolated hunting and gathering tribes. One of the 'uncontacted' tribes in the park is known as the 'Mashco-Piro', thought to be the largest group i