What Is Meant By A Good Diet? Nutritional Basics For Healthy Living

Good Nutrition is a basic fundamental of life, you just need to eat right. Which takes us to a very important question, what is good nutrition? Being well nourished means prescribing to a diet that enables your body’s processes to function properly. In fact, let’s take it up a notch. If you own a car you ought to understand what is meant by servicing. Checking the oil gauge regularly, cleaning out clogged pipes and replacing dirty filters are some of the myriad of maintenance chores that keep your vehicle in tip top shape. Without that you could very easily find yourself commuting or walking to work, and i’m pretty darn sure that’s not your cup of tea. The body relies heavily of a healthy diet. Which is why it is important to give it what it needs so that you can chase all those ‘life goals’ you want to get off your bucket list.

Business As Usual

From a factual standpoint, nutrition implies consuming vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals for your body’s absorption. So when Dietitians speak of a balanced diet all they’re really trying to say is that a bit of everything allows your body to  sustain itself.

It’s More Than Just An Act

Not only is good nutrition vital for basic body processes, it also equips your body with the arsenal necessary to fight of disease. Let’s take Vitamin C for example -which is found in oranges, naartjies and lemons, to name but a few. Vitamins bolster your immune system and help you to beat viral infections like flu. Better still, your body’s ability to heal itself is greatly enhanced. So stop wondering why other people’s wounds heal quickly, it’s simply vitamins doing what they do best!! Make it a plan to pick up a fruit or two everyday on your way to work.

Ethical Considerations, Or otherwise

There are some out there who stick to a strict vegetarian diet. With no disregard to race, religion or culture, there are certain things you can’t go without and one of those things is meat. Meat means loads of protein, and protein means growth. Protein is an essential component of cell division. Cell division is the bodily process that makes your physiological make up a reality and not an illusion. It is the very thing that pumps you up with bolts of energy. Of course, you find protein in other foods -like beans- but it goes without saying, meat is equally as irreplaceable as the air we breath. I’m not trying to coerce you into abandoning your convictions but we are carnivores by virtue of our inborn instinct.

Then of course there is the flip side to it all. Too much of anything will kill you. Achieving balance means taking just enough to keep you going, so there’s no need to binge on it. Eat to live, but don’t live to eat.

I could go on and on but that’s enough for today. Happy eating!!