EcoInternet Campaigns

End Old-Growth Forest Logging

Forest EcoInternet is committed to a complete cessation of industrial development in the world's remaining primary and old-growth forests. The world's last large and mostly natural forest landscapes are crucial repositories of biological diversity, ecosystem services, evolutionary potential and spiritual awe. We publicize the ecological destruction and social harm which results when ancient forests are harvested for the first time, and highlight alternatives to liquidating ecosystems that are millions of years old for humanity's wood and fiber needs, including international payments to ancient forest rich countries in return for avoided deforestation. We work for full protection for all remaining ancient forests, the only exception being small-scale eco-forestry activities by indigenous and local peoples traditionally dependent upon these forest habitats. Our targets include governments, industry and other environmental groups pursuing reform and certification of "sustainable forestry" practices in old-growth forests. We also workd to eliminate other industrial threats to old forests including an emphasis upon industrial agrofuels. The and web sites are dedicated to protecting all of the Earth's remaining ancient forests - first and foremost by ending ancient forest logging.

Limit Abrupt Climate Change

ClimateEcoInternet promotes starting now at least a 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to be achieved by as soon as possible - 2050 at the latest. This is the best scientific estimate of emission reductions necessary to stabilize the Earth's climatic system in a condition largely similar to the present, while avoiding the most egregious catastrophic impacts of abrupt climate change. Climate Change is an over-riding environmental threat that impacts most other aspects of environmental sustainability including forests, water and oceans. Thus progress towards virtually all environmental issues requires taking actions now to begin the process of stabilizing the climate. This is going to require concerted efforts by all segments of society to reduce their use of energy, ensuring its equitable provision to all nations. The Climate Ark web site promotes reductions in carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, energy conservation, ending deforestation and banning coal in order to begin the process of climate stabilization now.

Water a Human Right

Ecological SustainabilityThe provision of clean, dependable sources of drinking water is a requirement for organic life. Water is truly the elixir of life. Yet humanity continues to treat natural hydrological systems as dumping grounds for our industrial and other waste. Given the potential for water scarcity to cause grave social and environmental disruptions, EcoInternet promotes the strict protection and restoration of all natural waterways and wetlands. There must be a complete prohibition upon dumping wastes into lakes, rivers and groundwater. Wide vegetational buffers must be established along all waterways and wetlands. There must be no loss of natural wetlands and they must be restored where they historically occurred. As the foundation of a just, equitable and sustainable society; access to water must be enshrined as a global human right. The Water Conserve web site promotes these and other policies, and the and Climate Ark web sites are also interested in terrestrial ecosystems' and the atmosphere's role in water cycling.

Global Ecological Sustainability

Ecological SustainabilityEcological Internet's entire work is committed to achieving the basis for long-term global ecological sustainability in our lifetime. The Earth as a global ecosystem is threatened by the cumulative impacts of a huge number of environmental challenges including forest decline, climate change, water scarcity, ocean decline and persistent toxics. As widespread local ecosystem destruction becomes more evident, regional and even global ecological ecosystem collapse becomes more likely. Global ecological sustainability is going to require a vast reworking of how society produces and allocates resources - with progress required on diverse fronts ranging from restoring natural capital to developing green alternative energy to limiting human population. By definition ecological sustainability includes working for an equitable and just future for all. This campaign will never end as global ecological sustainability is not an end point but rather a way of living.

EcoInternet's entire suite of web sites including EcoEarth.Info, Climate Ark,, Water Conserve, Ocean Conserve and are all committed to empowering the movement for global ecological sustainability. The above goals are based upon ecological science's knowledge regarding requirements for global ecological sustainability. These information rich portals and their accompanying opportunities to take action on behalf of the Earth have lead to unprecedented conservation success faciltiated by EcoInternet. They are not dependent upon the criteria of funders, nor trying to show quick results that ultimately are inadequate to meaningfully address environmental crises which face the human family. Please consider making a donation to support EcoInternet's unprecedented use of the Internet and other projects in support of these bold goals. And please contact us for further information, including media and sponsorship queries.