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  • You guys need to keep up this great work. I mean where else would we get this information? You are the only daring, gutsy, truly progressive environmental group out there. I admire you. And as soon as I have some $$$ (in a minute, I hope!) I will be donating to you for sure. Rock on. Caroline Luley
  • There is so much to learn from Glen's approach which combines environmental alerts with deep analysis of issues in a complex process that educates and builds a deeply informed critical path for personal active environmentalism... Glen is operating a strategic but grassroots organization with thousands of deeply empowered members around the world on a shoestring. Not a moment spent with EcoInternet is wasted or disrespected... No where else can you take ten minutes and turn it in to global activism that you can be proud about. Michael Major, Canada
  • Thank you sooooooo much for your work to help our environment. Your work has inspired me tremendously on ClimateArk leading me to become a town leader on reducing our emissions here in California. Your work inspires many more than you even know, and thousands more by communication of word. Thank you my friend, keep up the great work and take care. Patrick, U.S.A
  • What you are doing with the rainforests is the best thing I've seen happen in our movement for years... Anne Sherrod, Valhalla Wilderness Society, Canada
  • To dream the impossible dream and fight the unbeatable foe, probably the only life really worth a damn. Please never quit. Dave Moore, U.S.A.
  • I find Climate Ark extremely valuable. I use it practically every day. It has the most useful and concise and up-to-date reports on what is happening in the quickly changing Global Warming situation -- and in all aspects: policy, technolgy, environmental impacts, advances in scientific understanding... Dan Ihara, Ceed, U.S.A
  • Your timely report on the selective logging of the SA Rainforest (especially the Sci article last year) was used by a community here to stop... a sawmill from destroying 400 ha of the world's only Inland Rainforest in the Northern Hemisphere! I am not kidding--you helped do it, and yet may not even know!!!! Rick, Canada
  • The world needs people likes you. You deserve NOBLE PRISE! May u live long and happy for what you are achieving like a Roman Gladitor Spartacus! Dhanjisha, India
  • Well done! You all deserve a pat on the back. I am sure all the animals would give you a big hug if they could understand just what you have done. Carole Holt
  • Just a few words to say a small thanks (on behalf of mankind) for all your time and effort. Paul Gray
  • Yay, the sense of power for good is wonderful to be part of, thank you for your choreography!!! Elaine, New Zealand
  • What a great use of technology; thanks for applying your skills to shared betterment! Jerry
  • Thank you so much for all your hard work as passion. Long may it continue - you are an inspiration and this network helps show that there are those out there that care and want to make a difference. Joanna, UK

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