Simple But Important Facts About Clenbuterol AKA Clen

Clenbuterol AKA Clen is a popular weight loss drug that is closely-related to ephedrine. While it is considered to be a steroid-like substance, it is not a steroid. As such, it can often be used with limited to no side effects, especially when implemented as part of a moderate and smart dosing schedule.

The History Of Clen

Clenbuterol was originally introduced to the market as a bronchodilator. One of the secondary effects of taking this drug, however, is an accelerated metabolism. Thus, although it is not longer widely used in the medical community, it remains popular among consumers who are looking to give their weight loss plans a little boost. Clen also supports the development and maintenance of lean muscle mass. This makes it an exceptionally effective addition to cutting routines for bodybuilders.

How Clen Is Used

Weight loss is always a very precarious thing, particularly for people who want to drop pounds and keep them off by manipulating the performance of their metabolisms. Accelerated fat burning abilities can only be maintained for so long. This is why many dieters eventually struggle with frustrating weight loss plateaus despite maintaining consistent workout and diet plan. To overcome this when using Clenbuterol AKA Clen, it is important to stagger your doses so that you’re never consistently using Clen for any extended period of time. People typically maintain an on-off pattern. They might spend two weeks on and then two weeks off, or they may go two days on and two days off. How you stagger your cycle will largely depend upon your weight loss goals and the amount of time that you want to achieve them in.

In general, running a two-week on and then two-week off cycle is best if you have a considerable amount of weight and want to lose it over a period of 10 to 16 weeks. With a two-day cycle rotation, you will only be able to use Clen for one full month before needing to take an extended break. Thus, this system is best for those who want to power off the pounds fast and who don’t need to use Clen for an extended period of time.