Tips For Everyday Fitness

Having a state of goof health is everyone’s wish but it’s unfortunate that it comes at a price. For one, you have to organize for finances that go into your diet, gym, training gear as well as paying a trainer. You also have to put in a lot of time into planning and executing the plan itself. This has to happen alongside your busy daily schedule like work and family. While the above may sound like too much work, here are daily fitness fix that take short time, little effort and fewer resources.


This is the simplest and effective way of working your body muscles. For one, it involves the legs, arms, stomach, back, mind and literally all the muscles. Running on a daily basis for at least 1.5 miles can do wonders. For instance, it relieves your mind off stress since there is efficient blood circulation coupled with adequate supply of oxygen. The muscles are also stimulated and hence grow over time. On the other hand, you stand to get a toned body and fasten you way to weight loss. If you do not like running, you can still use the tread mill. The only gear you need is a pair of truck suits and running shoes.

Do yoga

Yoga is both an art and science all packed in seamless poses that create symphony between your mind and body. Well, it facilitates self-healing and healthy lifestyle that promotes body fitness. While running enhances efficient blood circulation, muscle stimulation and more, yoga promotes strength and awareness between your spiritual self and body organs. There are many yoga poses that exercises breathing, incorporate meditation and get into postures that give beneficial features. They include: flexibility, weight reduction, balanced metabolism, muscle strength and tone, as well as mental well-being.

Eat well and drink lots of water

Exercises are a good way of stimulating muscle growth while reducing fat in the body at the same time. Without a proper diet, the above cannot be realized easily. For this reason, it is recommended that you incorporate a healthy diet into you daily fitness routine. And as such, eat a balanced diet that includes complex carbohydrates, complete proteins, vitamins and oils. Oils lubricate joints while carbohydrates provides energy. Proteins build and repair worn out tissues while vitamins provide with essential nutrients for various bodily functions. Do not forget water either since lack of this element may lead to dehydration. So, before, during and after exercises, do drink water is plenty.