The Benefits Of Pro-Homones In Bodybuilding

If you are a newbie wondering what you can combine with your exercises and diet to help you gain muscle mass and body strength quickly, you should think prohormones online. The best prohormone testosterones are a closer alternative to anabolic steroids with almost the same effect when it comes to building muscle mass and a toned physique in a really short time. Pro hormones are inactive hormones that get activated once administered in the body. Once the prohormone is activated in the body, it opens a lock on the cell membranes, which then initiates a series of muscle building activities that result in increased muscle mass and muscle definition gains. While they can be run alone, most athletes buy prohormones for sale to stack with other products for greater and quicker benefits.

Stacking prohormone supplements let you combine different strengths and variations to achieve the best results during the workouts. Some of the reasons why people stack the best prohormones on the market include for endurance and stamina, cutting, strength and bulking. When used for stamina and endurance, the aim is to maximize the conversion of proteins to muscle mass for better stamina and maximize breaking down the carbohydrates to produce more energy for prolonged workouts.

When used for bulking, the pro hormones help to get rid of the excess fat in the body while enhancing muscle definition.
When used properly, the prohormones supplements can offer many benefits and effects that range from increased muscle mass to increased strength and endurance, well-defined muscle groups and facial structure, increased aggression, and competitive spirit, improved sex drive and faster recovery from fatigue and injuries. However, it is important to note that the actual benefits and effects vary among prohormones and thus, it is important to review the benefits of every pro hormone before you can purchase. Some of the best prohormones testosterones with a proven track record include:


Halodrol is a 17aa compound with a decent potency. In fact, its potent is almost similar to that of testosterone but with less androgenic effects. Halodrol also contains the 4-chloro group modification that prevents it from interacting with aromatase enzyme and thus, it does not have progestational effects. While it has a low risk of androgenic side effects, care should be observed when taking this pro hormone especially among women users as it can cause a deeper voice, increased hair growth and acne when higher dosage than necessary is used.


Epiandrosterone is one of the best prohormones on the market because of its unique advantages and qualities. It converts to a male sex hormone called DHT in the body. The DHT is responsible for inhibiting estrogen conversion in the body for dry and stronger muscles. This means that users can cut fat effectively without worrying about water retention. Another unique aspect is its ability to attach to sex hormone binding globulin for a greater ratio of free testosterone in the body to the total testosterone levels.


Epistane is a designer hormone that attaches to and activates the Androgen receptors to give the best anabolic benefits with limited Androgenic side effects. When compared with other prohormones testosterone, the Epistane has a higher myotropic ratio of 12 unlike the H-drol, which has a ratio of 2.6. The high androgenic effects of Epistane help to increase nitrogen retention and protein synthesis for massive muscle gains.


Although most of the best prohormones have mild side effects that can be quickly rectified by discontinuing the product, you can reduce the risk of side effects by stacking different prohormone supplements in a cycle.