Psychology Of Weight Loss

For most people, when it comes to weight loss they know what they need to do but they need the proper motivation and ambition to do it. We all know that we need to take in fewer calories than what we expend and that it is going to take time to do it. Everyone wants that magic pill, drink, wrap or whatever that will magically let them lose 20 pounds over the weekend. But realistically, this does not allow you to develop any good habits which are what you will need to keep the weight off. While it seems that the hard part of weight loss is actually losing the weight, the truly hard part is not gaining it back. We can convince ourselves to make the changes we need in the short term and keep up with them, but once we have made it to that ideal weight, we feel that we can go back to our old habits but expect that the weight will stay off. Unfortunately, this is not the case and it will creep back onto our bodies and we will need to repeat the process. It does not help when our friends and family encourage us to eat more food by staying things like we look so good a piece of cheesecake won’t hurt us or that we could stand to put a few pounds back on. While at the core, these people mean well but comments like that tend to mess with a person’s head. This can cause someone who has been on a weight loss journey to go on a backslide and gain the weight back. The changes a person makes when it comes to losing weight need to be a change for the rest of their life as opposed to one that is temporary.