What Is Roid Cycle?

If you’re interested in finding the best steroid cycles, the ones that will push the limits of your body to their maximum potential, then read on. You’re either an athlete that’s trying to blast your way to the cosmos of performance or you’re a regular guy who’s just trying to blast his way to the ultimate beach body, either way you’re looking for the best steroid cycle that will get the job done in the least amount of time.

First of all, a steroid cycle is defined as a cycle of training that includes some anabolic steroids during this training cycle in order to complement the training regimen and supplement the body with the required nutrients the muscles and the body will need to not only grow in size and strength but to also trim down and metabolize fat faster than any other diet aids can provide. There are many steroid cycles you can choose from, and each will most likely include a steroid stack.

A steroid stack is the combination of steroids during a cycle which complement each other and provide the biggest boom for the buck (and the time) in order to achieve the lofty goals of the user. Steroid stacks may include an injectable and a pill form and may require the user to follow a diligent, regimented program of consumption. The best steroid stacks will also be wary of side-effects that might impact the body, so the inclusion of other supplements to stave off the side-effects could be required during the steroids cycles.

To start, the body needs to be clean and ready. This means the individual should plan a 2 to 3 month dedicated program of working out, dieting properly, staying away from alcohol and other over-the-counter medications. The liver and the heart will be stressed during this period, so the body should be prepared to deal with it. Furthermore, if there has been any risk of cancer or cholesterol issues, one should seriously consider not going this route. Any pre-existing cancerous growths could expand and grow unchecked during a steroid cycle, so this needs to be understood. Finally, no one under 25 should try to go on a serious steroid cycle.

The first phase usually includes a pure testosterone phase, where the body is infused with pure testosterone for a few weeks. This cycle gets the body ready for the next phase, which is the hard-core growth phase. This phase usually includes the big boys, like Dianabol or Deca Durabolin and often stacked specifically for the body type. The best steroid stack for a very lean body type would most likely include Anadrol, which will increase weight gain dramatically during this phase.

Once the bulking phase has completed, which us usually an 8-week cycle, the impacts of strength increase and muscle mass increase are evident. The body has grown significantly stronger and the muscles have increase substantially in size. This is typically the launch pad for the next phase, which is the cutting phase.

A few weeks prior to a competition, a bodybuilder will enter the cutting phase in order to trim down every ounce of fat so that the body is not only incredibly defined with lean muscle, but also carries a very low body fat percentage. This doesn’t come easily as dieting and exercise are still required but the addition of cutting stack steroids like Clenbuterol and Winstrol will work tremendously during this phase.