How To Spot Fake Anabolic Steroids

Taking advantage of the increase in number of athletes who depend on drugs to boost their performance and bodybuilders who use them to gain muscle mass and lose fat, many dubious characters have started selling fake versions of anabolic steroids through their websites. If this is not enough, most individuals who have never taken this drug before, purchase their requirement of anabolic steroid from the first few sites that they come across while searching online for Anabolic Roids. This does not mean that all the sites that come up at the top of search results are dishonest. Having knowledge of how to determine an original product from the fake will help you immensely and assist you to gain rippling muscles quickly. Remember, fake products also contain chemical compounds, detrimental for your health. There are many instances of people never purchasing anabolic steroids for sale once they have been cheated with a fake product from a unknown website.

Spotting the fake
Fake muscle booster and fat burning synthetic hormones were easy to detect a couple of years ago. One could easily spot them by the crude looks of the products as well as its packaging. Things have changed a lot since then and selling counterfeit anabolic steroids has become a huge international business. The best way to determine a fake Deca Durabolin for sale is by checking the reputation of the company manufacturing it. You can easily find such information by reading the blog posts on websites that specialize in bodybuilding. Checking the date of manufacture is another easy method to spot a fake. Manufacturers of fake products typically get a large quantity of labels printed and print the lot number and expiry date directly on the label. This is in stark contrast to manufacturers of genuine anabolic steroids or also known as prohormones. Examine the batch number and expiry date on the label of their product through a magnifying glass and you will find that these two fields are superimposed on the label instead of being printed on it. You should check many other things before purchasing the Deca Durabolin anabolic steroid, such as the quality of packing, type of packing (always opt for blister packed variants), etc.